We have a track record in helping clients reshape existing capital and funding structures, enabling entrepreneurs to release liquidity to achieve their wider aims.

Cardinal Global Limited

For owner managers running successful businesses, releasing liquidity from their capital value can be challenging. Owners may not want to sell their business but wish to unlock some of the value in their shares, as well as balance their overall exposure to risk. This might often involve the raising of external capital to facilitate the restructuring and allow owners to access a proportion of their equity.

Cardinal Global Limited has developed a range of innovative funding structures for both our clients and their financial backers, and become expert in reshaping existing capital and funding structures.

Structuring options are wide-ranging for companies and can include a partial equity release for investors, allowing them to de-risk their overall investment, or perhaps a structure that increases the equity stake for the management that remain in the business. We can also develop structures that facilitate an exit for those planning retirement, sometimes over a period of time rather than at a single exit point.